Kicker Project – Doomtree Silent Auction

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Our great friends at Doomtree dropped off the most incredible kit. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I opened the box. This includes the complete discography (33 in all) along with a hat, beanie (toque if you’re from Canada), sweatshirt (size large), scarf, gloves, socks, and tote bag. This whole kit is worth $450.

Everything is here except face and body paint for that moment when you go into Superfan mode and lose your mind.

So here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to run this on an event page and set up an auction. You can then bid on this box of amazing in the comments below. We’ll start the bidding at $150 and run the auction to next Friday, January 20th and close things at 3pm CST. At that time, we’ll reach out to the last bidder and finish things up.

You could even work together as a team and share the whole thing, please though, have only one member bid for you. If things get to be too much, we’ll need to changes the rules to make things easier to manage.

Or get this for your Mom. Everyone knows that Mom’s love POS. She’ll love you even more.

We’ll even ship it to you.

This all works great for us. We have our first on snow practice this weekend through the rest of the season. We have 15 girls and boys ready to learn how to snowboard. Between those kids and us as coaches, we are ready to ride.

Help us out by getting your hands on the coolest stuff you’ve seen all year. Yeah, we know, it’s only the 13th. This will help us pay for hats, mittens, gloves, and the other stuff that comes up during our season.

Doomtree, we can’t thank you enough. You’ve always helped us, and for that, we’re grateful.

The rest of the world, you’re great. Thank you.

Let’s go snowboard.

You can find our auction link here:

Kicker Project – Boardsports for Kids