Chris 'CT' Thomas

Executive Director

Kicker Project’s founder, CT has been snowboarding and skateboarding for over 25 years. As a sponsored rider and instructor through his college years, he needed to make a decision. Follow his degree and seek out a career in film or snowboard for a living. He started riding for Rossignol Snowboards and has been with them since. Stoked riding all over the mountain, CT competed in boardercross. He was ranked 3rd in the region and top 25 in the nation for 2010 and 2011 in USASA.

CT works as a sales representative for Rossignol, Giro Snow, House of Marley, Bakoda, and Novik Gloves. When he’s not skating or snowboarding, CT spends his time mountain biking, riding motorcycles, and auto racing. When he isn’t traveling his territory in the midwest, you can find him riding at Hyland Hills or Afton Alps. His passion for snowboarding and skateboarding was the fire that started Kicker Project. The idea is simple, show kids the sports you love and they might love them too.

Erik Gunderson

Team Director

Erik has coached snowboarding since 2010 and has helped the Kicker Project since 2011. He skied his first black diamond at an early age, but quickly converted to snowboarding. Snowboarding is now a life style for him. He utilizes his degree in Human Services and passion for snowboarding to provide the most professional and meaningful experiences to the participants in the Kicker Project. In addition to the Kicker Project he is a coach and head coach for the G-Team where he coaches youth on competitive level locally and nationally. Follow Erik Gunderson on Instagram.

Joshua Freeman

Head Coach

Riding 24 years, and worked in the snowboard industry for 15. Believes in sharing the love of snowboarding he acquired as a kid, with anyone who wants to learn. Josh is a Director of Training and Development with a large financial services and insurance company. In addition to his day job and Kicker Project, Josh helps out the Rossignol snowboard sales team in the Midwest. In this role, he identifies peoples needs and riding styles, and fits them with the best boards and bindings to meet there needs.

Josh and his wife Ellen have a four year old daughter, Brynn. While she consumes a lot of their time, you can often find Josh and Ellen out at a local concert, or perusing the used vinyl bins at the record shops around town with Brynn.

Greg Schneider-Bryan


Snowboarding for over 20 years and a former instructor for 11, Greg is more than excited to get back to coaching and helping kids learn what a positive influence snowboarding can be. In his off time you’ll usually find him riding his motorcycle or hanging out with his dogs and girlfriend, when work isn’t getting in the way.



Ryan has been snowboarding since 1993 and has worked as a shop tech in snowboards and skis for the past three years. Snowy days are what get him out of bed during the winter! Following his passion for the sport has led him to coaching and here to the Kicker Project.

Sarah Frederick


A snowboarder for the past 10 years and instructor for the past three, Sarah understands the adventure of acquiring a new hobby. She works hard during the summer so she can ride all winter long. She also enjoys longboarding and is an avid bicyclist typically with her dog running beside her.